Saturday, 13 August 2011

Saturday style icons (of the fictional kind)

Couldn't sleep last night and was thinking how amazing it would've to watch some retro nickelodeon, then got to thinking of timeless fictional style icons who even 15 years on are still on the cutting edge of style.

Judy Funnie of Doug fame. Never without her trustee beret and some Shakespearean prose. A true beatnik who you would most likely see in Starbucks with a skinny flat white,raybans and tales of woe of how she is a struggling artiste.

Jane Lane of Daria fame (didn't mean for that to rhyme) your grungey artsy style will never fade, whenever I put on my DM's I will channel your dry whit all those years after you made me want to pieces my ears a million times. most likely to see at the back of a Marc Jacobs show with a cig and sarcasm.

Absolutely loves it.

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