Monday, 15 August 2011

River island character hats - thanks Katy Perry,thanks alot.

Remember this image all the way back in winter 2009? When Katy and Russell just got together and she spent time with him wandering about London with her Chanel and THAT hat.

Ah river island when that hat came out along with that image in the press you hit gold! Everyone and their nan had one of those bloody hats and I thought they had disappeared off the space of the earth never to be seen again on girls in an ugg/legging style combo but sweet Jesus River Island have only done it again haven't they,this autumn/winter 2011.

Now I understand the huge fall trends of character knits that are invading the high street as we speak but shoppers are savvy,stop giving us the same stuff season after season. The one thing I hate about high street (and topshop are so bad at doing this ATM) is seeing something go to fad status because they roll it out in every colour/style under the sun until everyone in Glasgow has it.

Shame on you River Island I had alot of faith in you this year. Shame on you.

Would you wear any of these,despite the trend dying two years ago.....?

1 comment:

  1. LOL. The bottom hat is cute! I very much wish I could pull these off, but sadly not.

    On a similar note, my hubby keeps asking me why people are wearing large scarves at the mo, despite the hot weather! Another trend gone crazy ... ???