Friday, 12 August 2011

Gin In Teacups present Glasgow vintage/craft extravaganza!

'' Sod the Tea - GIVE US GIN! ''

Last weekend when I was on my way to subway to grab a hangover lunch treat I spotted an AMAZING find. Right beside American Apparel on Nelson Mandela Place was an amazing vintage and craft fair aptly named 'Gin in Teacups'

For FREE entry I browsed some amazing, cheap and good quality vintage stalls run by some lovely independent ladies! Sadly I am skint so did not have any £££ to buy and the blog was not up and running so didn't get a chance to take many photos! But I will defiantly be attending the next event to sample the amazing cupcakes and vintage loveliness! 

However this is something of a rarity in Glasgow and we need to support the lovely ladies of Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea for setting up amazing events like this and getting Glasgow recognised as the amazing vintage talent that it is!

Had a little rummage through facebook and their next event is Saturday, September 3 12:00pm - 3:00pm Nelson Mandela Place (Right behind Urban Outfitters and down the stairs)

You can find the event info and contact the lovely ladies  Sarah and Laurie here:

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