Thursday, 18 August 2011

Paper Bird - support your independents!

Was in the beautiful Nairn (just outside of Inverness) the other day for a spot of vintage/charity shopping got two beauts of handbags for like £4! Came across this lovely little shop called Paper Bird. If you guys are in the highlands at any point you must go it is AMAZING! It reminded me of lots of kooky gems I found when I was in Williamsburg last year to visit the lovely Fred Flare.

They stock Cath Kidston, Fred & Friends, Hello Kitty and gorgeous little trinkets. Go visit them now its such a cute little store! 

ATM they don't have a site or blog but visit them on their Facebook page here and convince them to set up on-line! If you are looking for amazing gift-wrap or baking d├ęcor these guys will sort you out. 

Lets support our independent retailers! Loves it.

Michael Kors gets Married - to a man!

I'm sorry but am I the only one who thought Mr.Kors was straight?!
My fave reality tv fashion judge (except Tim Gunn but he's in a league of his own) got married on Tuesday to his long term partner Lance Le Pere in the Hamptons (yay) Kors actually met his match when he interned for him in Paris in 1990 - too cute!

Same sex marriage in New York - woo hoo! God finally.

     “She looks like a transvestite flamenco dancer at a funeral”

Congrats you two!

Channel your inner granny

I am obsessed with scarves especially when it gets just that little bit chillier. I defiantly think it is one of my winter staple pieces. For about five years I have been hoarding onto my Kate Moss for Topshop number from what I think was her second collection (when people were still in hype stage basically) and everyone constantly ripped it out of me because I looked like Doctor Who. Was doing my daily ASOS browse (when I put stuff in my basket that I cannot afford and basically torture myself) I came across a new scarf friend for the winter chill.

I have been obsessed with Henry Holland and House of Holland since his graduate collection ( I hate his Debenhams collections purely because I think he sold out, but lets not talk about that.) I love his autumn/Winter 2011 crochet pieces and agree with Dolly Jones of Vogue by stating it is Holland's best collection to date. I think he will defiantly be responsible in crochet madness on the high-street and actually made tweed and crochet look HAWT. Tottaly eyeing up this bad boy below, have have to get my mum to fashion one up for me. 

                  House of Holland Multi Coloured Crochet Scarf


Can any of you crochet? maybe I should learn to save the £300. Loves it. Do you reckon the crochet trend has mass appeal or do you need convincing?

Not seen the collection? Well watch here courtesy the lovelies at Swarovski

New Lady Gaga - You and I


Abercrombie don't do GTL

I'm not doing the blog anymore I'm running off to Malia to have the "girls holiday" I never had.

Nah just kidding. Went to see the inbetweeners last night on a double date - HILAR. I did feel old as anything tho with all the pubescent adolescents and an air of lynx body spray, lord only knows how my mother felt,who I took as my date.

Heard all about the Abercrombie Situation with funnily enough "the situation" yesterday but didn't have time to blog so you probably all know about it now but I think it's hilarious. So basically Mike Sorrentino aka "the situation" from Jersey Shore has been offered a cash payout from Abercrombie and Fitch to stop him apparently tarnishing their brand.

A statement was released yesterday - lols.

'We understand that the show is for entertainment purposes, but believe this association is contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand, and may be distressing to many of our fans.'

Hmmmmm......really abercrombie? Then why design this t-shirt right off the back of the Jersey Shore bandwagon?

'' Gym, tanning and laundry anyone? ''

FFS! Poor Mike,maybe try hollister they'll probably let anyone wear that shit. Publicity stunt possibly? Considering the brand recently dipped 10% in the stock-market?

'' We are so aspirational ''

I'm sorry but for gods sake a company that has so many legal battles and constantly being reported about how they treat their staff,I'm sure one person won't "tarnish" their reputation. The damage has already been done.

Would you let this man endorse your brand? 

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Persian Vogue

Sitting outside in the sun with my Persian. Cute huh?

Came across some gorgeous images directed by Grace Coddington shot for US vogue in fall 2008 and shot by partner Steven Meisel. This shoot is absolutely amazing a true tribute to Grace from Karen Elson. If you have no idea who grace is - shame on you. Go watch the September issue and you might just learn something.

Loves it.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Breaking news! Brad and Angie in Glasgow!

Brad and Angie in Glasgow central station (WTF!) after chartering a whole train from euston. Let me know if you see them and I will keep you updated!

Loves it!

Angie for Louis Vuitton "Core Values" campaign. Shot by Annie Leibovitz.