Monday, 8 August 2011

Remember when (The) Gap used to be cool?

Not too long ago I was doing my Daily Dail Fail read (Daily Mail obvs.) and came across an interesting article by fashion 'Guru' Liz Jones and the demise of Gap on the high street. Apparently the company recently sacked chief designer Patrick Robinson (sorry but no bloody wonder their collections just keep getting worse and worse.)Can you remember the last time you bought something out of gap that wasn't a basic white t? (No didn't think so......) It got me to thinking what happened to this super brand? Does anyone actually still shop there?

I remember from a young age going into gap and buying one of their legendary hooded sweatshirts and felt like a total style icon as did everyone my age, because gap was the place to be. Where the heck did it all go wrong?

The last time I got excited about one of their collections was the Mulberry for Gap (Red) aids campaign in 2008. I made my bf chase one down for me in typical fashion MUST HAVE haze and I still use it to this day But after 2008 what went so wrong? 

Remember the SJP Collection straight after Sex in the City?  amazing.

''I Love Gap Khakis''
The Christmas style advertising?

''We love Christmas!''

Gap I say if you are listening bring back the amazing advertisements you are known for. We as consumers are now individuals not all of us wear khaki and a plain white tank and want to look like we have just stepped back into the 1990s. Trends change yeah and so does style. Therefore brands should change to support this.

Get a little bit of colour in your collections (not just beige) and some amazing design talent who know what we want to wear, now what we should wear

Failing that, get a campaign sorted with the Olsens or Alexa Chung, everyone loves them. Or get Tim Gunn on the case, we all know he likes to make it work. 

Hopefully the company sort it out before 'The Gap' becomes yet another high street casualty. I'll leave this as food for thought of when Gap was the place to be.........

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